Queer Places:
By Jupiter, Duryea Walk, Fire Island, NY 11782

Bertha Belmore (December 22, 1882 – December 14, 1953) was a British stage and film actress.[1] She went to Cherry Grove for four summers and owned two homes, ‘By Jupiter’ on Duryea Walk, and ‘That’ll-do-me’ in back of it.” The Art Project presented the Berthe of a Nation in 1950, titled after Bertha Belmore. Written by Ed Burke and directed by his lover, George Freedley, Berthe of a Nation was described by Esther Newton as “a turning point in gay and theatrical history."

Belmore was only eight when she made her first appearance on stage. She later toured the coast of America with Sir Philip Ben Greet's Shakespearean Players.

After her last film in the UK she appeared in the premiere Broadway production of By Jupiter at the Shubert Theatre New York in 1942, in the American premiere of Antigone at the National Theatre (Washington, D.C.) in 1946, and in a programme of the first season, 1950-51 of the television series The Web.

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