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St. Mary The Virgin Churchyard Ambleside, South Lakeland District, Cumbria, England

Barbara “Babs” Todd (March 7, 1933 - February 13, 2020) was the loving partner of Maureen Colquhoun. Colquhoun's autobiography A Woman in the House (1980) has a "Dedication - for B.T." (Barbara Todd).

Colquhoun was Britain's first openly lesbian MP. In 1973, as a married mother of three teenage children,[24] she left her husband, Sunday Times journalist Keith Colquhoun, for the publisher of Sappho magazine, Barbara (Babs) Todd.

Todd died in 2020 — just a year before Colquhoun did. By that time they were living in the scenic Lake District of northwest England.

They were buried together, and their tombstone reads: Remembering Always Maureen Colquhoun 12th August 1928 - 2nd February 2021 and Barbara Todd 7th March 1933 - 13th February 2020 "Maureen & Babs, who loved one another".

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