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Det kom en bråte brev. - YouTubeArne Vilhelm Heli (born 17 September 1924, died 9 August 2006 ) was a Norwegian sociologist and homopolitical activist, who was central in the formation of the Norwegian Association of 1948. From 1949 to 1966 he was the partner of Øivind Eckhoff who in 1957 published We who feel different: homosexuality and society, under the pseudonym Finn Grodal. The book was Norway's first non-fiction work on homosexuality. Heli helped gather relevant material and edit the book. He was also an honorary member of KROM (Norwegian Association for Criminal Reform) and co-author of the book Walls and People: a KROM book on prison and criminal policy together with Thomas Mathiesen.

Towards the end of his life, Heli wrote the book Open on the Forbidden, in which he described the time from the time he became aware of his sexual orientation in the 1940s until he emerged as gay in the Student Society in 1965. The book was published a few weeks before his death in 2006.[3]

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