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Flying Officer Anthony Watson-Gandy (29 June 1919 – 27 June 1952) was a scholar and Denham Fouts's last lover, the one who was taking care of him at the time of his death in Rome.[1]

Anthony "Tony" Blethyn (or Blethwyn) Watson-Gandy was born on 29 June 1919.[2] He was the son of Major William Donald Paul Watson-Gandy (1872-1947) and Annis Vere Gandy (b. 1884).[2]

He was educated at Westminster School, London, entering in 1933.[2][3] He then went to King's College, Cambridge University.[2] He also attended the Sorbonne University, Paris.[2][1]

He fought in the World War II.[2] He gained the rank of Flying Officer in the Royal Air Force.[2]

After WWII he was in Rome with Denham Fouts. Fouts spent much of his later life dissolute, spending time "in bed like a corpse, sheet to his chin, a cigarette between his lips turning to ash. His lover, Anthony Watson-Gandy, a writer and translator, would remove the cigarette just before it burned his lips." Fouts died in 1948.[4][5]

After the death of Fouts, Watson-Gandy went to live in Macao with a Chinese boyfriend, smoking opium and studying Mandarin.[6] He translated from French The Rise and Splendour of the Chinese Empire (1952) by René Grousset.[1]

He died on 27 June 1952 in London.[2][3]

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