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Anna Marble Pollock Memorial Library of Books, Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, 121 Wall St, New Haven, CT 06511

Anna Marble Pollock (1881 - March 31, 1946) was a member of the Heterodoxy Club. She said she was Heterodoxy's only orthodox member, just an old fashioned gal. An article in the The Leader-Post (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada) in 1911 titled: "Wife's Success in Business Doesn't Mar Conjugal Bliss". Anna Marble was married to Channing Pollock. According to the article: "Anna Marble Pollock is the wife of Channin Pollock and both make good incomes by their pens. Pollock started out as a newspaper man. Now he has staged several productions, all successful, among them, being "The Pit," "The Bishop's Carriage, and "The Little Gray Lady." Wonderful as has been his work of exploitation of his own stage production and those of others for whom he has acted as press agent, his wife is at present, perhaps, making more money than her husband. She worked in Washington, on the newspapers, too, but now she is a press agent pure and simple, and the fact that the great Hippodrome in New York city bid high for her services tells the story of her success. They are congenial, help each other in their work, and in this instance the artistic temperament, so-called, has caused bo clash, for the Pollocks are very happy."

The nucleus of the Anna Marble Pollock Memorial Library of Books about Cats was given to Yale by Carl Van Vechten in 1948. Van Vechten began collecting cat books while writing his The Tiger in the House (1920). The collection is named in honor of Anna Marble Pollock, who shared Van Vechten's love of cats.

A native of Chicago, Anna Marble was the daughter of Edward Marble, actor and playwright, therefore she was a member of one of the US oldest theatrical families.

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