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Larger memorial image loading...Ann Boyar Alvarado Warner (December 18, 1908 - March 8, 1990), known as Ann Page, was the wife of Jack Warner, the film studio founder. Women Like Ann Page and Lili Damita and Jean Howard, were actresses who partied with the "fey or gay boys" (Howard's words) and who were suspected of disrefarding sexual lines themselves.

Ann Boyar was the child of Russian Jewish immigrants. She moved from New Orleans to Los Angeles to become an actress, and first married actor Don Alvarado (born José Paige) in 1924 (one daughter, Joy Page). After divorcing him, she became Warner's second wife in 1936, in Armonk Village, NY (one daughter, Barbara Warren).

Ann Warner separated from her husband briefly in 1941, and the break was widely discussed by Hollywood gossip columnists. The couple issued a terse announcement through lawyers, stating that they had "separated because of incompatibility." But they never filed for divorce, and were reunited after a few months. Gully said the couple remained devoted to each other until Jack Warner's death in 1978 at the age of 86.

Ann Warner, noted for her beauty and taste, was among the 10 best-dressed women named by the Mannequins of Assistance League in 1972. According to Gully, she financed the start of couturier Pierre Balmain's fashion house and supported him by wearing his designs.

Ann Warner died after a long illness at Cedars Sinai Hospital on March 8, 1990. Richard Gully, former special assistant to the late movie mogul, said Ann Warner had been hospitalized intermittently since Christmas for treatment of diabetes and a heart condition. She was always very secretive about her age. Gully said he once tried to sneak a look at her passport out of curiosity during a trip to Europe, but that she hid it from him. He said the family she was "in her late 70s" at time of her death; other place her age at 82.

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Ann Page and Dolores del Rio

Marlene Dietrich and Ann Warner, 1939, by Jean Howard

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