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Queer Places:
Verenigde Christelijke Gemeente Doopsgezind en Remonstrants, Legeweg 14, 9101 MC Dokkum, Netherlands
Da. A.M.L. Frevelstraat, 9103 NK Dokkum, Netherlands

Angeniëtta "Agniet" Marie Louise Frevel (January 4, 1898 - July 25, 1994) is one of the three liberal preachers who a street named after her in Dokkum.

Frevel was born in Utrecht on January 4, 1898, the daughter of Carel Fredrik Frevel (1854-1939) and Angeniëtta Maria Louise Buijze (1861-1938). She studied at the Theological Faculty in Leiden from 1917 to 1923; also at the Remonstrant seminary when Karel Hendrik Roessingh (1916-1925) and Gerrit Jan Heering (1917-1949) were professors there, who deepened and clarified liberal Protestantism in the first half of the 20th century, said Frevel in her farewell speech on September 11, 1960. On July 5, 1923 she was a member of the Remonstrant Brotherhood. She was auxiliary preacher in Rotterdam from September 1, 1924 to December 31, 1930. In Rotterdam she became friends with her Mennonite colleague, the first female minister of the Netherlands, Dr. Anne Mankes-Zernike (1897-1972).

Frevel was a remonstrant auxiliary minister from Rotterdam who was called at the end of the year 1930 and entered Dokkum on 18 January 1931. In the United Christian Congregation (VCG, Verenigde Christelijke Gemeente), she succeeded an equally female minister, Frederieka Wilhelmina Rappold, who arrived from Zwammerdam to Dokkum in 1926 and left for Alkmaar at the end of 1930. Frevel was the pastor of the United Christian Congregation in Dokkum from January 18, 1931 to September 11, 1960.

Evalina Stad

At the beginning of January 1931 Frevel arrived with her friend, Femmigje "Fem" Steenbergen, from Rotterdam in Dokkum and moved there to the rectory at Legeweg. Fem, the nickname of Steenbergen, was already Frevel's housekeeper in Rotterdam; she would continue to do so in Dokkum and later in Lochem, but grew far above her "domestical" duties, for example as chairman of the women's association and leader of the Sunday school of the VCG. That was all the easier for her, because she had been a domestic school teacher in Rotterdam before she moved in with Frevel. Without the presence of Fem, Agniet would not have been able to function as she did.

Frevel lived in her Rotterdam and Dokkum years and retirement in Lochem with Steenbergen. Steenbergen was called "the pastor's wife" by Frevel. The years of the Second World War were very important to Frevel and her friend. From 1943 they hid a Jewish girl: a one year old baby, Evalina Stad. Evalina was born in Amsterdam, and - three months old - was handed over by her mother on the advice of a Jewish pediatrician (Dr. Philip Fiedeldij Dop?), who warned about the impending raid of 25.5.1943, to a member of the Amsterdam Student Group and brought to Rev Frevel and Fem by a female member of the group. One became aunt (Agniet) and the other mom (Fem). Evalina survived the war under the pseudonym "Doortje Mulder". Evalina's parents did not survive the war, they were murdered in Sobibor and Mauthausen. Evalina remained with Frevel and Fem until she married. Other two half-Jewish girls of 12 and 15 years old already lived in the rectory on the Legeweg: Elfriede Lisbet "Elfi" Hajek (1929-2001) and Ingelene Erlbaum. During the Second World War, more than fifteen children would populate the presbytery for a shorter or longer period of time. This included children of resistance fighters.

Frevel retired in 1960 for health reason, and died on July 25, 1994 in Lochem.

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