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File:Portrett av Amelie Posse-Brazdova, ca. 1948 - no-nb digifoto 20160608 00006 bldsa BB 2494.jpgAmelie Posse (February 11, 1884 – March 3, 1957) was a Swedish writer and and artist..

Posse was the daughter of Count Fredrik Arvidsson Posse and Auda Gunhild Wennerberg, who would become her daughter's sister-in-law in 1905 in her second marriage to Poul Bjerre. She was the granddaughter of Prime Minister Arvid Posse and granddaughter of the poet and politician Gunnar Wennerberg. She grew up on Maryhill above Ålabodarna, where she made a big impression on Gabriel Jönsson, but in 1897 the family moved to Lund. Posse studied art at Haslund's painting school in Copenhagen.[7] In 1904 she married Andreas Bjerre with whom she had a son Sören. The marriage was over in 1912 and Amelie Posse married the Czech artist Oki Brázda (1887–1977) and lived with him and sons Slavo and Jan at the Líčkov estate in Czechoslovakia, until the Gestapo called for her. [8] During her life in Czechoslovakia, she became close friends with the first President Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk. She returned to Sweden with her sons – her husband divorced in 1939 – and continued in Stockholm to assist refugees from Europe. During her years in Czechoslovakia (1925–1938), she "established herself as a publicist in a democratic and pacifist spirit". [9] She was one of the initiators and active in the resistance organization Tisdagsklubben in Stockholm, with the aim of counteracting the National Socialist expansion in Europe and Sweden during World War II. It would also form the basis of a Swedish resistance movement in the event that Sweden was occupied by Germany[10]. The club's first meeting was held, coincidentally, on April 9, 1940, the day Norway was invaded and occupied by Germany. Posse as well as the other members of the club were listed on German lists of "unreliable Swedes". [10] She has written autobiographical books about an international and varied life. [11] Amelie Posse and Gunnar Wennerberg rest at Odensvi Church, Diocese of Linköping. In the old pump house at Örenäs Castle, near the demolished Maryhill, Posse's childhood home, there is a small museum about Amelie Posse. [12]

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