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120 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02116
Amelia Peabody Plywood House, 145 Powisset St, Dover, MA 02030
Mill Farm, 129 Dedham St, Dover, MA 02030

Image result for Amelia PeabodyAmelia Peabody (July 3, 1890 - May 31, 1984) was born the daughter of Gertrude Bayley Peabody (later Eaton) and Frank Everett Peabody, a partner in the investment house of Kidder, Peabody.

After her debut in 1909, she studied sculpture at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts under Charles Grafly and became an accomplished sculptor, horsewoman, farm owner and breeder, and philanthropist.

At her farms in Dover, Mass., she raised registered Hereford cattle, Yorkshire pigs, sheep, and thoroughbred horses. For many years, she was the Chairman of the Arts and Skills Service of the American Red Cross, which promoted art therapy for wounded servicemen during World War II, and continued to promote art therapy for hospital patients of all kinds after the War.

She maintained her family home at 120 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, as well as Mill Farm, her residence in Dover, Mass., and Powisset Farm, also in Dover, with a number of other land holdings in that town. Amelia Peabody died of natural causes in 1984, leaving the bulk of her vast estate to charity.

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