Partner Kathryn Hulme

Alice Rohrer (1885/90 – March, 1958) was a self-made, wealthy milliner from San Francisco, who met her partner Kathryn Hulme in 1927. They arrived in Paris in April 1931 and became interested in the work of Gurdjieff via Solita Solano, who took them to meet Jane Heap. After a brief trip to America, Alice returned to France; she saw Gurdjieff in the Cafe de la Paix in Paris, and went over to speak to him. As result, she and Kathryn went to the Institute and stayed the night. They did not, however, regain contact with Gurdjieff until November 1935, when he was already teaching Margaret Anderson, Solito Solano and Elizabeth Gordon. Gurdjieff gave her the name 'boa constrictor' for her outer animal, but 'tapeworm' for her inner animal. In April 1937 Alice returned to America with Kathryn. In September, after an illness, she lost interest in Gurdjieff . By 1950 Alice had married Gusto; she died suddenly in 1958, after an evening spent with Kathryn Hulme and her then partner Marie-Louise (Malou) Habets.

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