Partner Roger Brown, buried together

Queer Places:
Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts 02215, Stati Uniti
Mount Auburn Cemetery, 580 Mt Auburn St, Cambridge, MA 02138, Stati Uniti

Albert Gilman (died December 22, 1989) was a professor of English drama at Boston University. He and Roger Brown fell in love at the University of Michigan and lived together for almost 40 years. Gilman brought his expertise to bear in a study using plays as a data source. That 1960 study was published in the proceedings of a conference that brought together professors of English and social scientists. An earlier version had been published in the general semantics journal, Etc. (Gilman and Brown 1958). Another collaborative paper (Brown and Gilman 1966) was published in Transcendentalism and Its Legacy, not otherwise a social science outlet. Only their last (1989) collaborative article, using data from Shakespeare, was published in a social science venue, Language in Society.

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