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Adam Martin Geiger (December 16, 1950, Kansas - March 16, 1991, San Diego County, California) was a New Age Composer/Keyboardist.

Adam Geiger, at the time an executive with NCR, met composer and musicologist Paul Attinello in the 1980s in San Francisco. Following this meeting, Geiger set up a home studio in San Diego and from 1982 to 1989, sometime in collaboration with his sister, Lura Jane Geiger, produced a series of cassette tapes of New Age music on the LuraMedia recording label.[1] These albums are among the finest examples of New Age Vocal music released to date. Impressions by Adam Geiger evokes the transcendent quality of the dawn. Using synthesizer and piano, keyboardist Geiger conjures up a wide variety of colors and moods, from peace and calm to majesty and splendor."[2]

Adam Martin Geiger died of AIDS in San Diego on March 17, 1991.

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