Partner Bernhard Victor Graf Uxkull-Gyllenband

Queer Places:
Friedhof Kaldenkirchen, Am Friedhof 6B, 41334 Nettetal, Germany

Vergrößerte Ansicht des angeklickten BildesAdalbert Cohrs (April 22, 1897 - July 29, 1918) and his lover Bernhard Graf von Uxkull Gyllenband, killed themselves on July 28, 1918, in the failed attempt to desert to Holland. They had made the decision to flee to the neutral Netherlands. The young count was an officer cadet in the Prussian Field Artillery First Guards Regiment, Cohrs, son of a well-known Luther researcher, was a lieutenant.

In Berlin they had asked a soldier from Lobberich for an escape route across the border and had been referred to a Lobbericher known as a smuggler who would show them the way. The smuggler reported them to the local police and during the interrogation in the imperial barracks on Poststrasse in Kaldenkirchen, the two shot themselves in separate rooms. Count Uxkull was instantly dead; Lieutenant Cohrs died in the hospital a day later. They were buried in the Protestant cemetery in Kaldenkirchen, where a memorial stone is still commemorating them.

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