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Abel Botelho Museum, Rua da Fonte 21, 5120-414 Tabuaço

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/5f/Retrato_de_Abel_Botelho_%281889%29_-_Ant%C3%B3nio_Ramalho_J%C3%BAnior_%28Museu_Nacional_de_Arte_Contempor%C3%A2nea_-_Museu_do_Chiado%29.pngAbel Acácio de Almeida Botelho ( Tabuaço , September 23, 1854 - Argentina , April 24 ? 1917 ) [ 1 ] was a Portuguese Army colonel, writer, politician and diplomat . Representative in Portugal of extreme realism , known as Naturalism , wrote, among others, the Baron of Lavos and The Book of Alda , the first two titles of the series Social Pathology .

Abel Botelho was born in Tabuaço , a small village of Beira Alta, on September 23 , 1854 , and died in Buenos Aires as Minister of the Portuguese Republic in 1917 . Attended the Military College . Beginning in the career of weapons as a simple rank soldier, he rose to the highest ranks of the army, having reached colonel. Among other duties, he served as chief of staff of the First Military Division ( Lisbon ). He belonged to several associations (Academy of Sciences, Association of Portuguese Journalists and Writers, Lisbon and Porto , Press Association, Geographical Society of Lisbon , etc.), and was one of the delegates of this last association who was in São Paulo , in 1910 , on the occasion of a geography congress. In 1911 he was appointed Minister of the Republic (Ambassador) in Buenos Aires, where he died in 1917 , a position of great importance since Argentina was the first country to recognize the Portuguese Republic after the republican establishment in 1910.

His literary career began in 1885 with a book of verses called Lira Insubmissa .

The following year, it launches i>Germano , drama in five acts, in verse. Proposed to the direction of the National Theater, this piece was rejected. A controversy arose because of the article that Abel Botelho addressed to those responsible for its non-acceptance. From then on he will write other plays: Jacunda (comedy in three acts; 1895 ), Claudinaa (study of a neurotic; comedy in three acts, performed at the Principe Real Theater in Lisbon, at the artistic party of actress Lucinda Simões, 18 March of 1890 ), Losers of Lifee (satirical play, performed on 23 March 1892 at the Teatro do Ginásio; three acts), Parnasoo (lyric play, in verse, in one act, written for the recital of students, for the benefit of the Rescue Box for Poor Students, held at the São Carlos Theater on May 3, 1894 ), Fruta do Tempo (Comedy, written for actress Lucinda Simões; 1904 ). Being of generally lurid, delicate subject, as Naturalism requested, these pieces caused agitation, especially Immaculate , which ended in riots and apologies, and Losers of Life , which could not proceed on the scene so it contained criticism of the literary group with the same name, and for being considered immoral, creating a controversy between Abel Botelho and those responsible for the ban.

In 1891 , Abel Botelho began the study of Portuguese society in the "Social Pathology" series, which should be the demanding and scientific examination of the general ills that plagued Portugal, especially Lisbon , the most prestigious capital and urban center. The first is The Baron of Lavos ( 1891 ), supposedly the first novel in Portuguese with a homosexual plot. It was followed by The Book of Alda ( 1898 ), Tomorrow ( 1901 ), Fatal Dilemma ( 1907 ), Prosperous Fortune ( 1910 ). In addition, he left three more novels: Without Remedy… ( 1900 ), Os Lazarus ( 1904 ), and Amor Crioulo (incomplete and posthumous; his previous title was Idyll Sad ; 1919 ) and the book of tales Women of Beira ( 1898 ; previously published in the " Diário de Notícias " between 1895 and 1896 ). He also collaborates in several periodical publications, namely in the magazines Brazil-Portugal [ 2 ] (1899-1914), Serões [ 3 ] (1901-1911), Azulejos [ 4 ] (1907-1909) and Atlantis [ 5 ] (1915-1920 ).

He was owed the graphic design of the Portuguese Republic flag, in which green represents hope and red the blood shed by the people in the many wars fought.

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