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Ángel Barrios Museum-legacy, Patronato de la Alhambra y Generalife Servicio de Investigación y Difusión, Calle Real de la Alhambra, s/n, 18009 Granada, Spain

1922-04-02, La Novela Teatral, Maestro Barrios, Tovar.jpgAngel Barrios Fernández (4 January 1882– 26 November 1964) was a Spanish composer and guitarist.

Born in Granada on January 4, 1882, his mother adopted the name Eloísa instead of Manuela's baptismal, his father Antonio Barrios Tamayo, was a famous and charismatic singer, a great friend of Manuel de Falla, and one of the attendees of the Rinconcillo talk. Angel Barrios studied harmony, violin and guitar in his hometown, perfecting his studies in Madrid with the teacher Conrado del Campo and in Paris with André Gedalge. Magnificent guitarist, founded in 1900 the Iberia Trio of Spanish instruments, with which he achieved great successes throughout Europe, broadcasting a lot of Spanish music. He is the author of some opera (in collaboration with Conrado del Campo), such as El Avapiés, premiered at the Teatro Real or La Lola goes to the ports, premiered at the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona in 1955, as well as zarzuelas, such as La suerte, premiered at the Teatro Apolo, Granada mía, La romería and Seguidilla gitana, with libretto by Muñoz Seca and Pérez Fernández, also premiered at the Teatro Apolo. As part of the intellectuality of the city, he attends the Rhineconcillo meeting at Café Alameda in Granada, where Melchor Fernández Almagro, Manuel de Falla, the painter Manuel Angeles Ortiz, brothers Francisco and Federico García Lorca, José Acosta Medina, José Mora Guarnido, road engineer Juan José Santa Cruz, José and Manuel Fernández Montesinos, Constantino Ruiz Carnero, Francisco Soriano, Miguel Pizarro, Hermenegildo Lanz, the painter Ismael González de la Serna, participate. He was also appointed academic of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Our Lady of Angustias, together with Manuel de Falla, on February 21, 1924 and served as director of the Royal Conservatory of Music and Decation of Granada between 1928 and 1939. He also composed some symphonic works, such as Zambra in the Albaicín, Una copla in the source of the Avellano, and numerous compositions for guitar and piano. Special mention is given to his Impressions of Granada, his Gypsy Dances and his Andalusian Songs. He composed musical illustrations for Abén Humeya, by Francisco Villaespesa, and Danza de la cautiva, by Mackinlay. His work Guajiras, for piano, won the Centro Artístico y Literario de Granada Prize in 1910.

Angel Barrios by Manuel Angelez

Underground Granada: Lorca and others (Adolfo Salazar, Manuel de Falla, Ángel Barrios, Federico García Lorca and, foreground, Francisco García Lorca) in the cellars of the Alhambra, c.1923

The Angel Barrios Museum-Legacy is located within the Monumental Ensemble of the Alhambra, on Calle Real. The Museum shows a collection that brings together equipment, musical instruments, drawings, paintings, watercolors, sheet music and correspondence dedicated by its authors to this important musician and composer and to the figure of his father, Antonio Barrios "el Polinario", one of the last "cicerons" of the Alhambra of the beginning of the century, in whose disappeared tavern, located where the Museum is today, met intellectuals and artists of the time. Figures such as Ravel, Strauss, Falla, García Lorca , the Machado brothers, Zuloaga, Rusiñol and a long etcetera left their testimonies there. The collection is completed with photographs and personal items from the Barrios family.

The Professional Conservatory of Music Angel Barrios is located on Torre de los Picos street in Granada. It teaches the teachings of Elementary Degree and Professional Degree of different musical specialties among which are: oboe, violin, viola, cello, guitar, piano, organ, transverse flute, flamenco guitar, percussion, bassoon, clarinet, horn, trombone,double bass, saxophone, trumpet, tuba and singing. In this conservatory the Granada Symphony Band is based and performs most of its essays.

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