My Collection of Gene Marshall:

The world of Gene Marshall and Friends
Gene Marshall
A Collector’s Guide
By Elisa Rolle
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Blond lace

Afternoon off
Bird of paradise
Bird of paradise, Jeweled

An American Countess

15th Anniversary Convention Hat

A Lady Knows
Albuquerque Centerpiece, Madra
Bon Bon

A Touch of Hospitality
10th Anniversary Homecoming Collection Essentially Gene Blush, Braided Alibi Rouge All About the Eyes At the Captain's Request A Man's Do J'Adore Cool Breeze in Vegas A Double Life Heart of Gold City Smart Centennial Ball Confetti

Blue Evening
Atlantic city beauty Blossoms in Blue
Broadway Medley

At Home for the holidays

A Toast at Twelve

A Woman for All Seasons
Albuquerque Centerpiece, Violet
Caribbean Kiss

Après Ski
Azure Elegance   Bright Day Azalea Ice At the Captain's Request, Matching Coordinates
Azalea Phoenix Satin Doll Black Lipstick Hollywood Canteen East Meets West Primrose  

Crimson Sun

Blue Goddess

Blossoms in the Snow

At Home for the Holidays Take Two
Baking cookies

After Hours

Autumn Lace
Cocoa Rose Biltmore Convention Centerpiece, Doll and Vanity Blue Belle   Calendar Shot Blue Horizon Blue Caprice (Mini Gene) Bellwether White Orchid Spotted in Manhattan Holiday Gala Hollywood Canteen, Cary East Meets West, Black Dragon Spitfire  

Goodbye New York


Christmas Ornament

Champagne supper

Avant garde

Black Widow

All About Eve

Best Bet

Coral Kiss
Biltmore Convention Centerpiece, Handpainted Dress Cosmopolitan   Careless Kisses Calendar Shot, Auburn Blue Parasol Blue Avenue     Le Jazz Hot, Madra Hollywood Canteen, Ivy East Meets West, Black Dress Ultra Violet  

Love’s ghost

Dress Form

Hat Box, Pink

Covent garden
Birthday Party Set

All About Eve Screen Test Trunk Set

Cafe Ole

Criss Cross

Black and White Fantasy
Decade of Dreams   Cherry Crisp Calendar Shot, Honey Blonde Candied Lavender Butterfly Shadow     Le Jazz Hot, Oona Hollywood Canteen, Madra East Meets West, Blue and White Dress White Hot  


El Morocco

Hot Day in Hollywood

Creme de cassis

Black Ribbon

Bon Voyage

Anything but Nice
Champagne Flight, Beige
Derby Dreams Convention Doll Hat
Blues in the Night Decade of Dreams, Optional Outfits   Cherry Smash C'est Moi City Sleeker Daily Threads, Gene     Le Jazz Hot, Trent Hollywood Canteen, Marsha East Meets West, Green Dress    

Pink lightning
Hat Box, Blue
Iced coffee

Daughter of the Nile


Cat Walk

April Showers
Champagne Flight, Blue Derby Dreams Horse
Cascade in Blue
Doing Her Part   Cocoa Crisp Color Deal, Chartreuse Deco Dreams Daily Threads, Madra     Le Jazz Hot, Violet Hollywood Canteen, Oona East Meets West, Green Jacket and Pants    


Holiday magic

Mandarin mood


Bridge Club

Croquet anyone

Batter Up!
Champagne Flight, Green Derby Dreams Jockey, Pink and Turquoise Crystal Ballroom Backdrop
  College Holiday Color Deal, Deep Coral Evening Encore Dreamy       Hollywood Canteen, Trent East Meets West, Luna Li    

Red venus


Midnight Romance

Dream Girl

Cognac Evening

Croquet Set
Belle of the Ball, Green
Dark Desire
Derby Dreams Jockey, Red, White and Blue Easy to Take Film Fatale   Coral Deluxe Color Deal, Emerald Evening Mist Fireworks       Hollywood Canteen, Violet in Orange East Meets West, Madra    

Striking gold
The Interview Suit My Favorite Witch Dressing Room Trunk
Director's Chair, Gene

Dance with me

Belle of the Ball, Plum
Emerald Eve Derby Dreams, Green
Fashion Plot
Fleurs de Printemps   Dallas Convention Accessory Pack
Color Deal, Turquoise
Glammed Up Fringe Festival       Hollywood Canteen, Violet in Pink East Meets West, Pink Dress    

The Kiss
What's a Girl to Wear
Night at Versailles

Embassy luncheon

Farewell golden moon

Devil May Care

Black Ice

Derby Dreams, Peach Fit for a Queen Grand Finale   Dangerous Curves
Distant Venus
Golden Destiny Hostess with the Mostest       Hollywood Canteen, Zita East Meets West, Red Dress    

Out for a Stroll

Forget me not

Friday Night Centerpiece

Don't Fence Me In

Blue Fox

Evening Sunrise
Derby Eve Gene’s Dressing Room Backdrop I'll Take Manhattan, Green  
Distant Venus, Accessory Set Heat Wave Love, Madra       It happened on 5th Ave East Meets West, Red Jacket and Pants    
Personal secretary

Gold sensation

Hat Box, Yellow

Dressed to Kill

Blue Heaven

Dinner for Two Glissando I'll Take Manhattan, Pink  
Designer's Dream
Dripping Moonlight Hollywood Ahoy Centerpiece, Chartreuse Enchantment Men's Club       Poised for Success East Meets West, Trent    

Hello Hollywood, Hello
HLAYG Club Greasepaint Outfit

Bonnie and Blithe

Formal Introduction Paris Fashion Doll

Glowing Reviews
Handsome Devil
It's Magic
  Domino Gilt-y Girl Hollywood Ahoy Centerpiece, Golden Gala Midnight         East Meets West, Violet Dress    
Sea spree



First close-up

Brunch With Katie
Hat Box Set, Toy fair Souvenir, Black Hat Box, Butterfly Hollywood Travel Trunk Jack of Diamonds   Dream Sequence Golden Riviera Hollywood Ahoy Centerpiece, Luminous Lavender
Moss Rose
        East Meets West, White Dress    
Sparkling Seduction


Jewelry Set

First Encounter

Chocolate Truffle

Hat Box Set, Toy fair Souvenir, Red

I Thee Wed
Lady Cat Jackpot  
Essentially Gene Boudoir, Redhead
Imperial She Hollywood Ahoy Centerpiece, Shimmering Onyx
The King’s Daughter

Love After Hours

Love, Paris

First stop Chicago

Coffee Klatch
Hat Box, Madra Love in Louisville Like a Fox Jingle Belle   Essentially Gene Rouge, Banged raven Jonquille Hollywood Ahoy Centerpiece, Silver Celebration Rockettes Parade of the Wooden Soldiers, Trent              
White Christmas

Midnight Angel

Lucky Stripe

Friendly connection

Cold Shoulder

Holiday Shopper

Midsummer Magic
Mel Loves Marsha La Femme d'Intrigue  
Essentially Gene Vixen, Blonde
Lady Director Hollywood Ahoy Centerpiece, Turquoise Temptation Stardust              
White hyacinth

Midnight Gamble

Crazy for Calypso

It Happened in Monterey

Pas de Deux, Grey

Night Memories
Lotta Moola   Front Row Olympia Hometown Hollywood (Mini Gene)
On the avenue

Mood music

Gift Set

Diamond Evening

La Nina de la Plaza
Pas de Deux, Silver Paradise in Pink Lunch at the Green Parrot   Gray Lady Plum Role It's a Cinch                
Rain Song

On the set

Director's Chair, Madra
Midnight Blossoms

Pinque Passion
Red Rage Major E. Laine   Green Eyes Pool Pose Licorice Threads                
      Ransom in green
On the veranda

Hanger Set
Director's Chair, Trent
Mood Indigo

Presidential Ball

Red-dy for Love
Mardi Gras Magic  
Green Eyes Studio Backdrop
Postcards From Cannes Liquorice Crush                
Ransom in Red

Panther Lamp

Hat and Purse #1

Everything's Coming Up Roses

Moulin Noire

Rags to Riches

Share the Dream Come True
MetroBenefit Luncheon Exclusive   Heavenly Riviera Romp Marceline                

Patio Set

Hat and Purse #2
Everything's Coming Up Roses, Plum
My Sunday Chapeau
Run For The Roses Skiing or She-ing Platinum Dream   Honorary Hostess
Midnight Lace (Mini Gene)                
Smart Set

Picnic Basket

Hat and Purse #3
Formal Introduction
Neat as a Pin

Shanghai Siren
Smash Up, White and Black Play Day   Ladies Who Lunch
Slender Threads
Pearls and Pink                
Warmest wishes

Picnic in the Country

Hat and Purse #4
Formal Introduction Special Edition
Out of the Blue

Siren in the Night

Smash Up, White and Gold
Queen of Hearts   Lone Star Soiree, Blonde Sparkling Sepia Red Desire (Mini Gene)                
        Pink Prom Dress
Hat Box, Black

Garden Party
Paris Flapper, Blue Marine Special Convention Edition
Rockettes Parade of the Wooden Soldiers, Gene   Lone Star Soiree, Brunette Special Scene, Coral Red Parasol                

Hat Stands

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Paris Flapper, Green
That Certain Blue Gown
Rouge et Noir
  Manhattan Holiday Special Scene, Magenta Silhouette of the 1920s                
Press Conference

Heart of Hollywood

Hat Box, Gene

Paris Flapper, Navy
Suited to Be a Colonel
Tiers of Joy
Simply gene, Golden blonde/green   Metropolitan Special Scene, Turquoise Silhouette of the 1930s                


Hello Portland, Hello, Black

Paris Flapper, Pale green

Very Violet
Tough Guy Soiree de Printemps   Midas Touch
Studio Wardrobe Collection, After Hours
Silhouette of the 1940s                
Santa Fe Celebration

Heart's Afire
Hello Portland, Hello, Blue
Paris Flapper, Red 
  Travel in Tweed
Sparkling Angel
  Movie Clap Board and Film Reel
Studio Wardrobe Collection, Black Calla
Silhouette of the 1950s                

Highland Fling
Kid Valentine Playing the Field   Tulipe Noire Star Wardrobe   Movie Director Clock Studio Wardrobe Collection, Cocktail Hour Silhouette of the 1960s                
Secret sleuth

I Do

Lavender Lights
Shoe Set #3  
Winged Inspiration
Table 50   Ooh La La Tea Dance Sunset Serenade                
She'd rather dance

It's a Wrap

Les Etoiles

Simply gene, Blonde/blue
Witch, Witch, Witch
Velvet-Dotted Swing Coat   Park Avenue Prowl Twilight Girl Tornado                
Simply gene, Blonde/yellow

Jazz note
Les Etoiles, Green
Spring in Central Park
        Phantom Lady
V for Tea
Simply gene, Brunette/blue

Kiss Me, Gene
Little Blessings
Starlight Canteen
Rich Girl
  Wrap Party                
Simply gene, Redhead/pink

Little Black Dress

Love in Bloom

Starlight Canteen, Trent
        Rogue Rose                    
Somewhere Summer

Love at first sight

Lover in Disguise

Swingtime Serenade
Song of Spain

Love Letters

Mad About Mitzi

Swingtime Serenade, White
        Shadow Song                    
Stand up and cheer

Lovely in Lace (2001)

My Heart's Song

That Extra Something
        Silver Rose                    
Sunday Afternoon

Lovely in Lace Cape Set

Noble Invitation
The Fiesta de Albuquerque Shoe Gift Set         Star Entrance                    
Sunset Celebration

Madra's Dogs

Oil Barons Ball Hosiery Gift Set
Timmy Lounge         Stepping High, Bronze                    
        Swan Bed
Meet me in paris

Perfect Match

To Have and to Hold
        Stepping High, Deep Rose                    
Swan Suite Dresser

Meet me in paris, Blue


Top of the Morning
        Stepping High, Flame                    
Tea time at the Plaza
Moments to remember, Navy Playing the Ponies
Top This
        Stepping High, Hibiscus                    

Moments to remember, Pink
Portland Gene Centerpiece
Torch Song
        Stepping High, Mahogany                    

Pink with Envy
Portland Madra Centerpiece
Totally Trent
        Stepping High, Tawny                    
USO Package
Shoe and Mask Set
Red Fox

Ultimately Madra, Blonde
        Studio Wardrobe Collection, Rendez-Vous                    
          Shoe Set #1
Right in Step

Victory Garden
        Studio Wardrobe Collection, Starburst                    
Shoe Set #2

Rio Rumba
Violet Nights        
Studio Wardrobe Collection, Town and Country
Shooting Star
Royal Military
Violet's Microphone Set
        Suited For Fur                    
Shorts story
Scarlet Temptress, Black eyebrows
Winter's Romance
        Swim-Suited to a T                    
Simply gene, Platinum/black

Scarlet Temptress, Red eyebrow
Take Two for Texas
So Evil My Love

Scorned Woman
          Tennis Whites                    

Shimmering Star
          Texas Gold                    
          Spellbound in Blue
Simply gene, Raven/lavender
The Irene Gown
Spirit of truth

Special Appearance
          The Jeweled Cat, Brunette                    
Spotted in the park
Stepping Out in Tulsa           The Jeweled Cat, Redhead                    
St Moritz

Stolen Moments
          White Russian                    
Stardust memories

Stormy Weather
Swan Chaise Lounge

Tennis, Anyone
          Swan Dressing Screen The Rains Came                                
          Swan Lamp Tulsa Centerpiece Madra                                
          Swan Wardrobe Rack
Symphony in G

Ultimately Madra, Redhead
Table for Two

Unsung Melody
          Tango, Lavender                                  
The Perfect gift
Twilight rumba
          Undercover Story                                  
Vintage Nylon Set
Will you marry me

Kings Road (2000)

Lady Bug Concert (2000)

National Gallery (2000)

Poor Boy (2000)

French State Visit (1997)

India State Visit (1997)

Mexico State Visit (1997)